Hot Dogs from around the world, using foods from common BYUH cultures

Lumpia Dog (Philippines)

•lumpia wrap •frying oil

Wrap the dog in the lumpia wrap, use water to seal it, then fry for a crunchy adventure.

Musubi Dog (Hawaii)

•rice •rice vinegar •nori

Students share what they respect and want to change in their cultures

BYU-Hawaii students shared their feelings about what they respect about their home countries’ cultures and what changes they wish to see within them.


Welly Seupule, a senior graphic design major from Samoa

Hispanic Heritage Month

Latino students shared pride of their roots, food, dancing, family traditions and appreciation of their Hispanic culture from Sep. 15 to Oct. 15, a month for students to realize their heritage doesn’t just come from genes.

Students share body language expressions from their cultures

BYU-Hawaii students said actions speak just as loud as words when it comes to body language from their cultures.

Steal the bride, bite the bread

Wedding details come in all shapes and sizes. At BYU-Hawaii, varying traditions are found among married students.

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