Day in the life

A day in the life of a psychology major

Sarah Grace Angcahan Acobera, a junior from the Philippines, said she was originally an English major before her mission but decided to switch to psychology when she got back because her passion lies in making “changes in [people’s] lives.”

A day in the life of a marine biology major

Kristen Lorraine Schlegel, a junior marine biology major from South Carolina, said she was inspired to choose her major by Steve Irwin, who shaped how she views animals and the planet. “I feel so strongly that the animals on earth are here for a reason.

Day in the life of a TESOL major

A day in the life of Computer Science major Tiffanie Mac Donald

“I think it’s a major that many women should actually pursue because, as Latter-day Saints, we believe that the mother should stay home to nurture their children,” said Tiffannie Mac Donald, a junior computer science major from Arizona.

A day in the life of a social work major: Kuleisi Fakahau

Kuleisi Fakahau, a senior social work major from Tonga, said she loves her major because it allows her to serve. “I feel like my mission is just the same as being a social worker. It does not pay as much as other careers, but it’s all about helping people and that is why I love it.” 

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