Married couples share financial and mental tips from personal experiences for single students

Married students at BYU-Hawaii said single people should improve their personalities, save money, and learn to become financially independent before committing to marriage. They offered advice from the mistakes they said they’ve made.

Financing married life

Although marriage is one of the happiest moments in life, according to some of BYU-Hawaii’s married students, taking this step and building a new family comes with financial challenges.

The golden rule of personal finance

Personal finance is an issue every student at BYU-Hawaii must tackle at some point. Fortunately, there are tools available to students to help them become what Alan Akina, president and CEO of 101 Financial and alumni of BYUH, calls “financially educated.”

BYUH students cash in on the blessings of marriage

While the initial cost of a wedding can be intimidating, though it doesn’t have to be, being married definitely has its advantages – a few of which are financial.

U.S. Fiscal Cliff bill includes more than just tax legislation

The U.S. federal government passed a fiscal cliff bill at the first of January although it was packed with special interest tax breaks.

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