Eric Shumway and friends hope to raise awareness of diabetes in Tonga

“‘Oku ‘I Ho ‘Aofinima Ho’o Mo’ui Lelei” is a video series headed by former BYU-Hawaii President Eric Shumway meant to change the eating behavior of Tongans and help them understand what they can do to avoid diabetes.

New student association promotes good health practices, supports individual goals

BYU-Hawaii’s Healthy Living Student Association focuses on improving all areas of health and wellness through nutrition, exercise, and awareness.

Soda companies sponsor health organizations in exchange for silence, according to nutrition experts

Soda companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been financially sponsoring major health organizations in an effort to protect their self-image, according to CNN. The sponsorships began when major health companies lobbied against bills to reduce soda consumption.

Fitness for Living class helps students see how their physical lives affect their spiritual lives, coach says

At BYU-Hawaii, it is a general education requirement to take a physical education class, which BYUH students say they think it is important to maintain personal health habits.

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