Library hosts recipe competition to promote cookbooks available to students

Library patrons and students entered original recipes in a competition hosted by the Joseph F. Smith Library on May 4-5.

Library Treasures

The library serves BYU-Hawaii students in different areas they might not even know about, said Michael Aldrich, the library director. As the new semester starts, the doors of the library are open to help students succeed academically.

American Library Association updates list of banned books

The year 2013 brought a lot of changes for the American Library Association. Popular books for children and young adults including “Captain Underpants” and “The Hunger Games” series are on the association’s list of formally challenged books of 2013.

Library's makeshift spaceship

The makeshift air conditioning system in the Library will grace patrons with its presence for at least one more month, said university officials. Parts for the broken system will be manufactured and sent to Facilities Management to be replaced as soon as possible.

Copy Center in the library is a hidden treasure

The Copy Center, located in the Joseph F. Smith Library, has been a reliable resource, say students and community members alike, when it comes to putting together spot-on presentations.

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