Couples learn conflict management skills from student-run peacebuilding workshop

On Sunday May 14, dating, engaged, and married couples attended the “Peace in the Home” peacebuilding workshop to discuss how to handle marital conflicts.

Successful experimental class on peace linguistics leads to official new class in Winter 2018

Peace Linguistics will officially be offered as a TESOL class at BYU-Hawaii starting in the Winter 2018 Semester after a successful trial version during the second block of the 2016-2017 Winter Semester.

Hunger banquet gives real-world perspective

A half-cup of rice or a plateful of meat and vegetables. Participants didn’t know which they would call their dinner as they entered the Hunger Banquet, but as they ate their allotted portion, they were urged to take action against hunger.  

Emily Sinkovich to lead Peacebuilding program

Emily Sinkovich’s connection to BYU-Hawaii is what led her back to Laie. “The job itself kind of fell into my lap, but it felt like exactly the right thing to do,” Sinkovich explained. As a visiting faculty member, Sinkovich will teach Intercultural Peacebuilding at BYUH for a year.

U.S. Dept. of Defense employees say peacebuilding is a team effort

Guest speakers Robert Ricigliano, the director of the Institute of World Affairs at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Karen Grattan, senior operations research analyst, discussed the practical side of peacebuilding with BYU-Hawaii students in the McKay Foyer on March 28.

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