ICS Department dissolves, divides major into four separate degrees

In order to allow students to be able to study their field more in-depth, the International Cultural Studies major has been divided into four separate majors included in different departments starting this semester, marking the end of the ICS Department.

Forgiveness leads to peace, not forgiving results in pain

“We had lost our home, I recently had a miscarriage, and we had five little kids to take care of.

Couples learn conflict management skills from student-run peacebuilding workshop

On Sunday May 14, dating, engaged, and married couples attended the “Peace in the Home” peacebuilding workshop to discuss how to handle marital conflicts.

Successful experimental class on peace linguistics leads to official new class in Winter 2018

Peace Linguistics will officially be offered as a TESOL class at BYU-Hawaii starting in the Winter 2018 Semester after a successful trial version during the second block of the 2016-2017 Winter Semester.

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