Political Science

Political science professor says Trump's foreign aid budget cuts more harmful than helpful

Randall Blimes, assistant professor of political science at BYU-Hawaii, said U.S. President Donald Trump’s push to cut foreign aid could result in less diplomatic power with other nations, potential casualties to citizens of other nations who receive medical help, and allies becoming enemies.

International political science majors say Texas bill banning sanctuary cities adds safety but unconstitutional

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law Senate Bill 4, which requires law enforcement and campus police departments to honor ICE detainers and bans any rules preventing authorities from enforcing immigration laws or asking someone about their immigration status, according to KVUE news.

Political science majors from Pacific Islands present research at U.N. conference

Six students from the Political Science Department attended the United Nations conference in New York to present their research papers on indigenous issues from April 24-28.

Political science professors say Trump's election was surprising in FAC Forum

Both students and teachers gathered together to hear BYU-Hawaii’s political science professors discuss the implications of the 2016 Presidential Election in an FAC Forum on Thursday, November 7.

Foreign Service Officer informs students on international diplomatic work

United States Foreign Service Officer Ray Sudweeks gave a forum on Thursday, Oct. 6 to share the benefits of his job and give advice for aspiring political science students.

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