Technology always and forever

  “There’s nothing wrong with technology. What’s wrong is how it’s being used (or abused). Some people can be ennobled by technology, I fear that most people are controlled by it” said Michael G. Murdock, a history professor at BYU-Hawaii who is a self-proclaimed pessimist.

Selfie sticks have own set of social rules

In 2010, the selfie began to go viral; people started to take close-up pictures of their face and posting it to social media sites such as Flickr or Instagram, according to The Guardian.

Future technology introduced in Navy

If you have ever wondered if the technology from Star Wars could ever become a reality, take a look at the Navy’s new DDG 1000 stealth destroyer (Zumwalt). The ship was designed to carry electric lasers and railguns while making it’s own fuel out of seawater.

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