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BYUH men say hairstyles reflect who they are within Honor Code guidelines

Male students at BYU-Hawaii said they look to find creative ways to use their hairstyles to tell who they are and what they represent within the university Honor Code.

Compliments come free in the Library

Under the fluorescent lights of a hushed library, where students silently keep to themselves with their hands full of textbooks and freshly printed papers, two friends became The Compliment Crew.

Jase Boards is North Shore's original long-boarding company

As Jase Bennett pulled into his friend’s driveway, a skateboard crushed beneath his wheel. The skateboard owner, a young boy, stood crying in disbelief. “I felt like the worst person alive. I was too cheap to buy him a new board. So I built him a new one,” said Bennett.

Dressing differently for school and your culture

Whether it is because of climate or environment, students change how they dress when they leave their homes and come to Hawaii.

Jame Clothing: Student James Astle is designing a better future

What began as simple artwork has grown into a full-fledged clothing brand for BYU-Hawaii student and Los Angles native James Astle.

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