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Record high King Tides erodes shoreline, causing locals to voice concern

Local BYU-Hawaii students and faculty voice concerns as they see the changing coastline, a result of this past summer’s king tides.

“It is as if the ocean is angry,” said longtime resident of Laie and professor of Business Management, Helena Hannonen.

Eric Shumway and friends hope to raise awareness of diabetes in Tonga

“‘Oku ‘I Ho ‘Aofinima Ho’o Mo’ui Lelei” is a video series headed by former BYU-Hawaii President Eric Shumway meant to change the eating behavior of Tongans and help them understand what they can do to avoid diabetes.

Politician, activist, and attorney discuss how students can fight human trafficking during panel

The BYU-Hawaii Pre-Law Society hosted a panel on human trafficking with three anti-trafficking advocates who said trafficking occurs in every community, whether it be through the labor and sex markets or pornography.

Devin Graham bids Hawaii farewell, presents video-tribute to surf photographer Jon Mozo

Popular social media videographer Devin Graham gave a presentation on generating successful content to aspiring students in the HGB on Sept. 26, and showed a screening of his video tribute for the Mozo family.

Unicity signs agreement to offer internships and jobs in 50 countries to BYUH students

Health product company Unicity signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will provide BYU-Hawaii students with internships and jobs in over 50 countries on Sept. 27.

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