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New Mail Center system allows students to pick up packages at any time

The Mail Center was renovated over the summer to create a system that would allow students to pickup packages anytime the Aloha Center is open even outside of the normal office hours, while having to go to go to the counter in order to get letters.

Summer married newlyweds say focusing on temple sealing is most important

Summer time is notorious for being the season of weddings for BYU-Hawaii students. We interviewed two couples that were married this summer about their experiences and advice for those who want to pursue an eternal marriage.

Almost 1000 students attend Hale courtyard dance, deejay says pleasing all was difficult

An unexpected 900 students attended the Residential Life Opening Social and Dance, the first dance ever held in the outside courtyard between Hales 4 and 6, said Residential Advisor Estea Luea.

Filipino student's Instagram food posts leads to teaching students how to cook

Avid cook enthusiast Krestan Kier Austria’s food posts on Instagram, all accompanied with his signature #kierinthekitchen, are inspired by the diverse cultural foods he finds at BYU-Hawaii.

Student evaluations crucial for hiring and training faculty members

Each semester BYU-Hawaii students are invited to complete online class evaluations and leave comments for each of their professors, and BYUH Vice President of Academics John Bell said the school values and uses students' opinions for the hiring, retention, and classroom performance of faculty mem

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