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Authorities hunting and torturing gay men in Chechnya, deny accusations

At least 100 gay men in Chechnya, Russia have been captured, tortured, or killed because of their sexuality, according to reports by the Novaya Gazeta news source and Vox.

Local students say #boycotthawaii is a joke but shows Hawaii's dependency on others

After Hawaii’s Attorney General Doug Chin challenged Donald Trump’s latest travel ban, Trump supporters started a social media campaign to “#boycotthawaii,” according to BuzzFeed.

Suspected terror attack kills four and injures 15 in Stockholm, Sweden

A stolen truck emerged through a crowded street and deliberately crashed into a department store in Stockholm, Sweden on April 8, according to CNN. Four people were killed and another 15 were injured, including children, in the suspected terror attack.  

Storm in Peru kills 67 people, LDS members find peace in temple dedication

Heavy rains in Peru have caused intense flooding throughout the country on March 17, causing Peruvian President Pablo Kuczynski to declare a state of emergency in the affected areas, according to the Guardian.

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