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BYUH social workers attribute surge of post-election suicide calls to lack of coping skills


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline received nearly three times more calls than usual after the presidential election on Nov. 8, according to CNN.

Thailand king, longest reigning monarch in the world, passes away; student say his example will live on

Thai students said they were distraught after the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, the longest reigning monarch in the world, according to BBC.

Man-caused earthquake hits Oklahoma town, students worry for future consequences

A 5.0 magnitude, man-made earthquake struck Cushing, Oklahoma on Sunday, Nov. 6. No injuries have been reported, but up to 50 buildings have been damaged.

World's first baby born with DNA from 3 parents, BYUH professor says technique could save lives

The first baby to be born with DNA from three parents has made waves in the news. The baby was born to Jordanian parents in April, though the birth has only recently been making headlines after he was featured in a research article published in the journal Fertility & Sterility.

Tom and Tara McBride: Crossfit Jerusalem

Tom and Tara McBride, a Canadian couple, spent seven weeks during the summer in Jerusalem participating in a Crossfit internship. They said they enjoyed the neutral ground the gym brought for people from different walks of life, and they grew as coaches.

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