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Native Hawaiians back up Native American efforts to preserve sacred land from the North Dakota Access Pipeline

Native Hawaiian protestors joined the Native American fight for restricting the North Dakota Access Pipeline construction that possibly threatens sacred sites and water security, according to NBC.

Hurricane Matthew hits Florida, students say family in the area is safe

Over 900 people are dead after Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti and Jamaica on Oct. 3, which was then followed by an outbreak of cholera, according to the New York Times. The Associated Press reported the death toll in the United States to have reached 23 and hit Florida on Oct. 7.

BYUH students share their opinions on Black Lives Matter

Students said the racial tensions in America continue to rise after another African American was shot outside of Charlotte, North Carolina on Sept. 20.

Presidential candidates face off for the first 2016 presidential debate

In the first of three presidential debates in what seems to be the most publicized election in history, according to CNN, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went head-to-head for the first time. CNN reported the debate’s viewership rivaled that of the Super Bowl.

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