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Republican health care reform could allow students more flexibility in career profession

Republican politicians have drafted a new healthcare plan to replace Obamacare that could affect BYU-Hawaii students’ ability to have more career possibilities, said Political Science Professor Troy Smith.

Finding love by buying a bike, sitting next to an empty seat in class, talking on Skype and more

Alex Moreno & Jordan Porter

After a temple session and outside of the Laie Temple Visitor’s Center, Jordan Porter, a junior from California majoring in psychology, and her fiancé Alex Moreno, a junior from Mexico majoring in business management, told their love story.

Makapu‘u Tide Pools and Waimano Falls among favorite BYUH student hikes

Hiking is a priority for BYU-Hawaii students because it’s one way to take advantage of their time here and appreciate the earth, students said. Noelle Oldham, a junior art education major from Florida, said, “As people, we need to take the time we have on this earth and experience it.

African American students say Black History Month is a time for recognition of minorities' contributions

The month of February is dedicated in the United States to educating people of the historical oppression felt by people of African heritage, and to celebrate the victories of social change led by black leaders from around the world, according to


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