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Goodwills retire and “transition to new things” after 23 years of teaching at BYU-Hawaii

“We have 65 boxes of books packed in the living room right now. I think that we will end up with around 100 boxes,” said retiring Associate Professor of English Sanoma Goodwill.

Resurrecting Marxism: Might this be America’s Baal?

On Christmas Day 1991, Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, sat down in front of TV cameras to sign a document that would forever abolish the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and end the Cold War.

Psychology senior finds out she's graduating one year earlier than expected

McCall Skalla, a graduating psychology major, was surprised to learn this was her final semester at BYU-Hawaii until her academic advisor surprised her with the news.

Volunteering to be bumped off of flight leads to better benefits, say students

The location of BYUH can make it difficult for arranging cheap travel plans to any location in the world, an obstacle students and community members overcome by volunteering their seats in exchange for flight vouchers. 

Yoga and running make perfect workout without gym, students say

Even with access to the BYU-Hawaii Fitness Center, some students said they prefer to exercise outside of the gym doing yoga or running. The appeal for these two workouts comes from being able to do them no matter where you are or what resources you have.

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