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Psychology senior finds out she's graduating one year earlier than expected

McCall Skalla, a graduating psychology major, was surprised to learn this was her final semester at BYU-Hawaii until her academic advisor surprised her with the news.

Volunteering to be bumped off of flight leads to better benefits, say students

The location of BYUH can make it difficult for arranging cheap travel plans to any location in the world, an obstacle students and community members overcome by volunteering their seats in exchange for flight vouchers. 

Yoga and running make perfect workout without gym, students say

Even with access to the BYU-Hawaii Fitness Center, some students said they prefer to exercise outside of the gym doing yoga or running. The appeal for these two workouts comes from being able to do them no matter where you are or what resources you have.

Married couples share financial and mental tips from personal experiences for single students

Married students at BYU-Hawaii said single people should improve their personalities, save money, and learn to become financially independent before committing to marriage. They offered advice from the mistakes they said they’ve made.

Marine biology students warn of dangerous sea creatures others might not know about

Though they recommend students learn and explore the ocean responsibly, BYU-Hawaii marine biology students and faculty said people should be cautious of the marine life they interact with.

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