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Experts say make a plan for hurricane emergencies and practice it before water rises

While hurricane-strength winds and rains can cause devastating damage, said Elder Paul Crookston at a hurricane preparedness meeting hosted by BYU-Hawaii Security on May 10, the greatest damage and loss of life comes from ocean storm surge.

Campus Comment: What are you going to do after you graduate?

Kyungji Kim

South Korea, Graphic Design

“I’m staying here. I’m going to waste time and money trying to enjoy Hawaii life.”


Wai Sze Grace Chong

Hong Kong, Human Resources

“I’m going to get married and get a job in HR somewhere in Hong Kong.”

A finals week survival guide: Tips on time management for the last week of the semester

Start Right and Bright

Try and get an early start each morning. Getting work done early will increase your productivity throughout the day and help you accomplish more.


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