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Technology always and forever

  “There’s nothing wrong with technology. What’s wrong is how it’s being used (or abused). Some people can be ennobled by technology, I fear that most people are controlled by it” said Michael G. Murdock, a history professor at BYU-Hawaii who is a self-proclaimed pessimist.

2016 Emmys surprise students, BYUH graduate discusses internship at the ceremony

Students said the 2016 Primetime Emmy Award Ceremony premiered was one of the most surprising the ceremony has ever had.

Bill Nye show coming to Netflix, students and faculty express concerns and excitement

Bill Nye the Science Guy, a popular TV scientist broadcasted on American television, is receiving a new TV show on Netflix called “Bill Nye Saves the World.” The announcement was released on the Netflix Twitter page on Aug. 31.

Apple releases new iPhone 7, students say they're not impressed

Two years after the iPhone 6 was released, Apple has released the new iPhone 7 featuring new wireless headphones, an improved battery, water-resistant capability and a dual camera, according to The New York Times.

How to survive and thrive this semester

BYU-Hawaii students shared their tips on what it takes to survive a semester from academics to maintaining a social and spiritual life, and everything in between.

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