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Recipe: Grilled peanut butter chocolate banana sandwich

Peanut butter
Chocolate Chips

Step 1: Spread peanut butter on both slices of bread. Slice the bananas and place them on the peanut butter on one slice. Put the slices together. Butter one side of the sandwich.

Technology and teaching can go hand in hand

The widespread rumor among teachers that technology decreases student’s attention span is exactly that – just a rumor, reported Students demand more of the teachers nowadays and the chasm between skilled and rather unskilled teachers grows wider.

Technology is changing the dating game

Courtship and meaningful relationships have become both more and less complicated because of new communication technology, according to recent social science research.

Valentine's Day ups and downs

BYU-Hawaii students said they feel Valentine’s Day is full of high expectations and awkward situations. Male or female, single or attached, everyone expects Valentine’s Day to be a special day. But the holiday can be a let-down or one of the happiest experiences of their lives.

The Psychology of love

BYU-Hawaii students and LDS Church leaders said they believe love and marriage can eternally evolve and grow. Scientists have conducted research that validates these views through analyses of biochemical processes in the brain.

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