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Chinese New Year a time for family to gather

The Chinese Chapter of BYU-Hawaii celebrated the beginning of the year of the monkey, which begins Feb. 8, helping students from other parts of the world understand and appreciate an annual tradition.

Ad blocking software is starving the Internet

The Internet as we know it is slowly collapsing due to a recent spike in the use of ad-blocking software, according to Newsweek.

Fight against the decay of pictures

If half of the world population has a phone with a built in camera and every one of them takes around ten pictures a day, then this adds up to more than 10 trillion photos every year, reported Worldwide Image Capture Forecast.

Intelligence is not at the center of happiness, say students

The limits of academic success to provide happiness become more and more evident as IQ tests fail to take into account other values, such as cognitive intelligence, common sense, creativity and family life, reported

Germany ranked No. 1 overall

Germany came out winning from a research project of over 60 countries to see which was the best country in the world, reported Canada, USA and England follow up right behind. Sustainability, adventure, cultural influence, entrepreneurship and economic influence were key factors.

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