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In compliance with Hawaii’s social distancing rules, a small group gathered to see a new painting recently placed in the northeast foyer of the BYU–Hawaii Stake Center on June 11. The painting, “I am a Child of God” by artist Howard Lyon depicts the Savior surrounded by children of 28 various nationalities to signify the diverse love of the Savior to His children around the world and on the BYUH campus.
She finished at Kahuku High School as a junior. She finished her undergraduate studies at BYU–Hawaii in two years. Now, just months before her 23rd birthday, she has graduated from BYU Law School with her juris doctorate degree (JD) and master's of public affairs (MPA).
After a 38-year career at BYU-Hawaii, David Porter has been named the director of tennis and men’s head tennis coach at BYU in Provo. He has contributed to the sports and academic departments at BYUH inspiring students to take their health and exercise seriously.
New painting in BYUH Stake Center reminds individuals of diversity of the Savior’s love
Laie-raised BYUH alumna graduates from law school with aspirations to become president of the United States
Head of BYU–Hawaii Exercise and Sport Science program, Dave Porter, looks back at his record with the Seasiders
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While the stay-at-home order in the State of Hawaii had been in effect, essential workers of Hawaii had not had the opportunity to shelter at home. Members of the community and campus tell their stories of the experiences while working amid the global pandemic. They said they are grateful to have jobs throughout the pandemic and also said by following safety protocols, people can remain safe.
Avid media enthusiasts from BYU–Hawaii shared how media and becoming interested in media like movies and music can help people become in tune with themselves and the people around them.
BYU–Hawaii students, alumni and faculty shared the impact movies can have on people’s happiness. They discussed why movies help boost their mood and which movies bring individual happiness to them.
As a young girl, Kirsten Schafer left Canada with her family and traveled across the Pacific Ocean on a sailboat. They sailed to California, the Marquesas Islands, and through the Tuamotu Islands and French Polynesia.
Despite following government orders and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), community members said they are staying productive with activities such as exercising, running by beachside areas and the path between Laie and Kahuku, and even picking up reading as a new hobby.
After working in the Church Educational System for nearly 30 years, Vice President for Student Development & Services Debbie Hippolite Wright has announced her intention to retire this summer. 
Eliminating unconscious bias takes conscious effort, “[but] we can do something about it,” said Tim Overton, an attorney and law professor who specializes in inclusion, diversity and race relations. He spoke at the BYU–Hawaii Legal Studies Zoom Forum on June 18. He said by sharing and listening to each others stories, we can overcome biases.
Angela Fantone speaks five languages and said she wants to learn as many as Cleopatra, who had reportedly learned nine languages in her lifetime. Fantone said, “I want to see if I can do that before I die.” 
Students reflected on their experiences of living in different countries and shared how their views were broadened and they learned to adjust to them. World traveler Cannon Curtis shared his passion for discovering new things and advised students to make international friends at BYU–Hawaii.