Campus Comment: Best YouTube videos of 2013

Written by: 
Jeff Facer ~ Multimedia Journalist

Billions of videos have been produced during 2013 on the website Youtube. Videos that range from pop cultures to graphic designs and everything in-between appeal to much of the population today. Amongst the variety of videos, students have given their account of the greatest Youtube videos they saw during the year of 2013.

Tara Smith, a junior studying EXS from California, said, “I love One Direction. Their video called ‘Story of My Life’ is really good. It’s a good song and the graphics are cool and the boys are cute.”

Ru-Hsuan Ding, a senior studying EXS from Taiwan, said, “My top Youtube video is probably NBA top 10 because I like basketball. [Gerald] Green does a crazy wind mill dunk when he was playing Phoenix.”

Monica Rubalcalva, a sophomore studying graphic design from California, said, “I Love You by Lil B. I love it because he is so positive and I feel the love that he is sending through his song. He’s the best.”

Austin Gray, a sophomore, studying international business from Idaho, said, “Studio C is my favorite because my brother is an actor in it.”

Tiffannie McDonald, a freshman studying ICS from Arizona, said, “I like the Harlem Shake (original army addition). Its just so crazy and funny. I saw the original Harlem Shake video two years ago and it was all right, but the second is way better.”

Justin Kolilis, a sophomore studying EXS from Washington, said, “DJ earthworm is the best. The mix that he makes has all of the best songs of 2013.”