June 2013

Valentine's Day Statistics

200 MILLION roses are produced for Valentine’s Day, according to the Society of American Florists. Most come from Colombia, which sends about 12 percent of its flower output to the U.S. in a span of less than two weeks leading up to V-Day.

BYU-Hawaii students give different viewpoints on PDA

Thoughts of what are and aren’t acceptable public displays of affection varies from person to person on the BYU-Hawaii campus.

Being in the friend zone stalls romantic relationships

The friend-zone is the enemy to all eligible bachelor and bachelorettes looking for a relationship. BYU-Hawaii students say being in the friend-zone isn’t always bad but warn against getting trapped in it.

CAMPUS COMMENT: BYU-Hawaii Students shared their best and worst experiences on Valentine’s Day.

Students were asked about their worst and best Valentine's Days. Here are their responses.

1. Scott "Scooter" Kemsley, a senior majoring in psychology from Texas.

Recipe: Easy and delicious dinner for those single on Valentine’s Day

Single students in BYU-Hawaii have the option to have a quick and easy meal full of protein to celebrate the day.

Serves: 1 person only
Time: 30 minutes
Reference: Clover Cheng’s Mother’s recipe

Ideas for simple romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to bring out your romantic side and awe your darling with the perfect Valentine’s gift. There are many ways to show you care and find that special gift without your typical box of chocolates, flowers or stuffed animals.