August 2013

Latin American Fiesta: The BYUH cafeteria celebrates Latin culture

The Latin American Club shared its culture with students in the Caf on May 7. Dancing, music and Latino dishes were shared with all that entered.

Work It Out: How to stay summer slim

With a proper work-out plan and commitment, students can stay fit for the summer, says students and the university conditioning coach.

IPB opening social invited attendees to be peacebuilders

On a breezy evening, over 100 BYU-Hawaii students and Laie community members responded to the invitation to attend the David O McKay Center’s Intercultural Peacebuilding (IPB) opening social on March 5 in the McKay Foyer.

Performance Series seeks to meet students needs

Briana Petersen and Kei Riggins, both assistant supervisors at Performance Series on campus, shared some insights on what Performance Series is and what it is like to work there.

Online tutors interact with students on and off campus

Students employed by the Online Department at BYU-Hawaii interact as tutors with on-campus and distance-learning students via Skype.

BYUHSA urges students to become bone marrow donors

Life-threatening cancers, such as leukemia and lymphoma, are taking the lives of approximately 7.6 million people worldwide every year, according to researchers. BYUHSA attempted to bring awareness to students about the ways they can help save the lives of many by becoming bone marrow donors.