Church's donation to Red Cross represents the church well, students say

BYU-Hawaii students said they thought donating $1.8 million of the proceeds of the film “Meet the Mormons” to the American Red Cross shows the world who the people of the LDS Church really are.

LDS Family Services partners with

To ease the process of adoption, LDS Family Services has partnered with, one of the world’s largest online adoption agencies, says LDS Family Services has agreed to pay the fees from for members who meet the qualifying criteria.

LDS Church calls for balance in gay and religious rights

BYU-Hawaii students said the LDS Church’s press release concerning its position on religious and gay rights on Jan. 27 was a good reminder about loving others despite differences.

Prison inmates contribute to family history indexing

BYU-Hawaii students said the family history indexing program for prison inmates is a great way to help the church, genealogy efforts, and the inmates themselves.

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