Aloha and charity around the world report

The title for the country with the most helpful and charitable citizens goes to both Myanmar and the USA, according to the results of the 2014 World Giving Index. Have you helped someone you didn’t know within the last month? Four out of five Americans answered with yes.

Security personnel and teams of translators work so others can enjoy General Conference

Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Temple Square is Utah’s most visited attraction and the 16th most visited site in the United States, according to Forbe’s.

House of the Lord: reflections on the temple

“The blessings of the temple are priceless,” said President Thomas S. Monson in April of 2015. “As we enter through the doors of the temple, we leave behind us the distractions and confusion of the world. There is rest for our souls and a respite from the cares of our lives.”

Filipino couple fulfills McKay prophecy

The prophetic words, “...From this school… will go men and women whose influence will be felt for good,” are well-known as part of the 1955 BYU-Hawaii ground-breaking speech given by David O. McKay.

Brazil on the rise

According to Elder Jeffery R. Holland, Brazil is “a nation on the move.” As further stated by, “Brazil is on a strong, upward trajectory in terms of Church maturity. It has to be considered one of the strongest areas of the Church as we move into the 21st Century.”

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