Gilbert and Provo among cities to see new temples

The LDS Church currently has 15 temples under construction from Rome to Peru, with many being close to BYU Hawaii student’s hometowns. LDS Church President, Thomas S. Monson said at the Hartford, Conn.

Church officials encourage the use of social media as a means to further modern-day missionary work

The LDS Church has embraced social media and is using different avenues to reach out to both members and investigators. Church leaders encourage members to use social media as a way to share the gospel. President Dieter F.

Full-time missionaries preach the gospel digitally

Full-time LDS missionaries’ traditional way of knocking on doors to preach the gospel has evolved to include the use of Facebook and other social media in the mission field, reports LDS Church news.

General Conference messages inspire students

At the close of the 183rd semiannual General Conference of the LDS Church, BYU-Hawaii students, members, and non-members all over the world reflected on the words and counsel of President Thomas S. Monson, the apostles, and general authorities.

Women ask to attend Priesthood Session: Feminist group wants church leaders to extend priesthood to women

With the semiannual General Conference of the LDS Church drawing near, a group of LDS feminists entitled Ordain Women announced their plans to attend the Priesthood Session held on Saturday, Oct. 5.

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