Language and prayer

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are taught to pray and communicate with Heavenly Father, but students at BYU-Hawaii shared how they speak to God in each of their respective cultures. They added no matter the type of language used, God hears people’s prayers.

Elder Bednar encourages learning by study and by faith

It can be overwhelming tackling school assignments, tests, papers, and attending class, but students pursuit of educational goals and gaining knowledge can be assisted by learning not only by study, but also by faith, said Elder David A.

The priesthood for all

It has been 36 years since President Kimball announced that every faithful and worthy man in the church could receive the priesthood, and BYU-Hawaii students said it has been a blessing that has united families.

Gilbert and Provo among cities to see new temples

The LDS Church currently has 15 temples under construction from Rome to Peru, with many being close to BYU Hawaii student’s hometowns. LDS Church President, Thomas S. Monson said at the Hartford, Conn.

Church officials encourage the use of social media as a means to further modern-day missionary work

The LDS Church has embraced social media and is using different avenues to reach out to both members and investigators. Church leaders encourage members to use social media as a way to share the gospel. President Dieter F.

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