Couples say religious compatibility improves their marriage

A 2016 study by LifeWay Research found 59 percent of U.S. adults would rather talk about politics than spirituality with their spouses, but BYU-Hawaii couples say spirituality and marriage are inseparably connected.

LDS Church parts ways with older scout programs, says policies on LGBT leaders wasn't part of the decision

In a letter by the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the church leaders wrote, “As part of the Church’s ongoing effort to evaluate and improve its services to families and young people worldwide, the Church will no longer charter Varsity or Venturing units with

Church historian writes book on Kalaupapa, inspired by selfless service of others

Fred Woods, author of ‘‘Kalaupapa: The Mormon experience in an Exiled Community,” brought a message of community awareness and love for one another in his devotional on April 18.

LDS Church established in the Marquesas Islands through one mother’s faith

Ziella Kahiti Vivish O’Connor, born and raised in the LDS Church in Tahiti, said the journey of being the first and only member when she moved to the French Polynesian island of Marquesas was not always easy. 

General Conference renews dedication to living gospel, students say

BYU-Hawaii students said the 187th annual General Conference was personably applicable to anyone listening, regardless of circumstances.

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