10 ways to improve your daily scripture study

Written by: 
Mackenzie Beaver


The “Come, Follow Me” program the Church has instituted for 2019 offers six helpful tips to guide and direct others to improving their scripture study. BYU–Hawaii Dean of the College of Human Development Jennifer Lane added four additional ideas.

1. Pray and seek the truth- this is a tip inviting people to pray before studying their scriptures to have an understanding.

2. Look at maps. Looking at maps while reading the scriptures helps us understand where the events we are reading about in the scriptures

3. Look for lists in the scriptures. Looking for lists helps us see it as a “to-do” list in which we can write out and try to apply for our lives.

4. Look for pattern and repetition. When doctrine is repetitive in the scriptures, it signifies its importance.

5. Look for commandments and promised blessings. “Often in the scriptures, when the Lord gives commandments He then tells us the blessings we will receive from keeping them.”

6. Look for personal application. When reading the scriptures, we can look for ways the scriptures are applicable to our personal lives.

Jennifer Lane, also a professor in the religion department on the BYUH campus, offered several tips and advice to help them get better at scripture study.

7. Ask questions while you are reading.

8. Look for a particular topic while reading.

9. Slow down and study a few verses sometimes, especially when seeking guidance.

10. “Reading the Book of Mormon every day brings great blessings, but it is also good to include other books of scripture study, not just the Book of Mormon,” added Lane.


Date Published: 
Monday, February 11, 2019
Last Edited: 
Monday, February 11, 2019