15 ways to avoid the freshman 15

Written by: 
Mackenzie Beaver


Belief in the freshman 15 is common among college freshmen, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website. Dawn Akana, an Exercise and Sport Science professor at BYU-Hawaii, said, “‘Freshman 15’ is the 15 pounds that most freshmen put on during their first semester or year away from home.” Fifteen students on campus were asked how they stay healthy at school or what advice they have for other students to be healthy.

1. Zaylie Evans, freshman from Washington majoring in biology, said, “The MyFitnessPal app is an app that counts calories and keeps track of your steps. It allows you to input how much fat, carbs, proteins you want to eat in a day. This app helps users keep themselves accountable.”

2. Megan Bills, a freshman from California studying TESOL, said, “I try to make it a habit to not eat when I’m bored. When I am doing homework, I sometimes find myself eating, and I’m starting to become aware of that. Being aware of it helps me to not eat while I am doing other things to distract myself.”

3. Kapua Rivera, a freshman from Wahiawa studying HTM, said, “I actually haven’t really been avoiding gaining weight at all. I usually just eat whatever. But I do make sure I go to the gym and workout. One of my roommates loves working out so it has been really easy for me to have motivation to go to the gym when they go, and I have someone to workout with.”

4. Lina Legorreta, a freshman from Virginia studying computer science, said, “I meal prep for the week. Doing this helps me have meals ready when I am too tired to cook. I also just listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry and not when I’m bored.”

5. Hannah Leiataua, a freshman from Utah studying psychology, said, “I don’t like working out at the gym or the Fitness Center, so I swim laps at the pool to try to avoid gaining weight at school.”

6. Alex Reed, a freshman from Miliani studying elementary education, said, “I go to the fitness classes the school offers, which is a fun way to stay in shape as well as get your exercise in for the day.”

7. Kaylee Heck, a freshman from Alaska with an undecided major, said, “I am really conscious about exercising because I don’t want to gain weight at school. Working out and being healthy is a lifestyle I’ve always had so that has helped me stay fit.”

8. Skyler Geddie, a sophomore from California studying business management, said, “The best way to avoid the freshman 15 is to eat three meals a day and try not to snack .... Doing this combined with being active for at least an hour a day keeps your metabolism constantly working, therefore making it easier to avoid the freshman 15.”

9. Kaleah Liechty, a freshman from Provo, Utah, majoring in communications, said, “To avoid the freshman 15, I have been exercising and eating healthy. I have made it a point to control my portion sizes and be picky with what I eat, as well as run as often as possible.” She said this semester she has cut off three minutes from her 5K time.

10. Max Moncur, a senior from California majoring in business finance, said, “One thing I did to stay in shape was I ran every morning except for Sundays.”

11. Isabel Frandsen, a freshman from California majoring clinical psychology, said, “I think one big thing I do to make sure I stay healthy is I give myself time to relax or do other things besides school work. My favorite things to do are either go to the gym or go out for a surf session, even if it is for only a couple of hours. Something I always make sure to have in my dorm room is healthy snacks that I enjoy eating. That way I can have a snack while studying but still be healthy.”

12. Dong-Gu Cooper Lee, a junior from South Korea majoring in HTM, said, “I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables at school so that I am bettering my health.”

13. Abi Nielsen, a freshman from Utah with an undeclared major, said, “I walk everywhere I go to help burn off some calories and avoid putting on weight.”

14. Kekoa Jensen, a sophomore from California majoring in political science, said, “One thing I did to avoid the freshman 15 is I forced myself to workout. On those days I really didn’t have any motivation, I just forced myself to do it and get it done. I am super grateful I did because now I don’t have to force myself anymore, and I actually enjoy working out.”

15. Ethan Pisciotta, a freshman from Nevada studying biomedicine, said, “I think avoiding the freshman 15 goes along with a good diet. A healthy lifestyle is 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise and being consistent with it. If you are not consistent, then you fall into these bad habits that relate to putting on weight and getting the freshman 15.”


Date Published: 
Monday, February 11, 2019
Last Edited: 
Monday, February 11, 2019