2013 was the year of the TV series

Written by: 
Makaila Bergeson ~ Multimedia Journalist

After an attempt to find out students’ favorite television shows from 2013, it became apparent that the majority of students at BYU-Hawaii don’t watch much TV, but instead will watch their favorite television shows on Netflix.

“I didn’t ever watch TV shows, but I watched Netflix,” said Lexi Cramer, a freshman in English education from California. When asked what shows she enjoyed watching on Netflix, Cramer said, “I liked Psych, Criminal Minds, and then Duck Dynasty was the best one. I just think it’s the best show ever cause it’s really funny and the family is rooted in their beliefs so it’s a good example for the nation. Also they don’t care what anyone thinks, and they just do random stuff. It’s like everyone back home so it kinda reminds me of my family, and good memories.”

Cheyanne Malstrom, a freshman in international cultural studies from Wyoming, shared that she, like Cramer, watches Netflix as opposed to actual television. Malstrom said, “I watched The Walking Dead, and a TV show called Nashville. I don’t really know why I like The Walking Dead, because it’s kind of gross and really gory. It’s just really intense, from the start of the episode to the end. It’s always really action packed and super interesting. It has a pretty good story line.” She continued, “Nashville is awesome cause it’s all about country music, and it has some good actors and actresses in it.”

Ben McRae, a sophomore in math from Arizona, felt similar to Cramer and Malstrom, in the fact that he doesn’t watch much TV, but for different reasons. He said, “It’s after my mission, and I’m in the middle of college so I don’t really watch TV. You could say I watch Psych, and that’s pretty much it. It just kind of struck a chord with my family’s humor and so we all like it. It’s really entertaining.”

Some people, such as Camry Bennion, a freshman in art from Virginia, shared that nowadays it can be difficult to find clean television shows that are enjoyable. Bennion shared, “I didn’t really watch TV in 2013, but I still have classic favorites, like Family Matters, and Cosby Show. I guess the only reason that I really like those, is that they’re totally clean and they’re full of good humor. I don’t know, it’s good; it’s better.”