5 apps for greater productivity

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Jared Roberts ~ Multimedia Journalist

Life Organized on Your Phone
Using these 5 apps can increase productivity and efficiency

Technology has come so far that today our personal devices are keeping track of our lives. Applications (apps) can help you manage deadlines, email inboxes, birthdays and even help you take notes for classes. If you are in need of some organization help for those pesky test dates, work schedules and chapter notes, just keep in mind that there is an app for that. Here are five applications that help keep you in control of your busy days.

1. EasilyDo Smart Assistant
Available on iOS and Android
Price: Free

EasilyDo allows you to organize events and reminders with ease. TechGYD, an online technology blog, ranked EasilyDo as the third best app in regards to personal assistance and organization/productivity. EasilyDo incorporates social media, like Facebook, to remind you about birthdays. It also offers event alerts, traffic reports, and weather, and even tracks your packages. Everything you need to stay organized is in this one streamlined application.

2. Evernote
Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and PC
Price: Free

Evernote is ranked as one of the best apps to stay organized by Business News Daily. Times are changing and paper notebooks just are not cutting it anymore. Evernote is the ideal note-taking platform for all devices and allows you to enter notes either by voice or manually by hand. You can also take photos or draw in notes using a stylus and since Evernote is available on almost every operating system all of your notes are synced across all devices. With that, you can always find your notes in a single place and keep organized.

3. Timeful
Available on iOS only
Price: Free

CNet suggests Timeful as a replacement for the default iOS calendar. The minimalist app is part calendar, part to-do list manager and part habit tracker, and combines events that are already on your device’s calendar with specific tasks that you can input along with habits you would like to start. The more you use the app the more it gets a sense of your schedule and what keeps you busy. The versatility of this application makes it one that you must try.

4. Studious
Available on iOS and Android
Price: $0.99 on iOS, free on Android

Nervous about forgetting the time and date of your test? Lifehack ranked Studious as number 10 on their list of best apps for college students. Studious allows you to list the deadlines of your homework, the time of your lectures, where they’re located and what subject is coming up next. The only thing you need to do is enter your information about your class, time, teacher and location. This application will remind you about all your classes and deadlines just in time, and allow your mind to focus on more important things.

5. Canvas by Instructure
Available on iOS and Android
Price: Free

The canvas app allows you to keep up with your education. The app allows you to keep in touch with instructors, view course syllabus on the go and take online quizzes and exams while on the go. Canvas by Instructure also includes a mail section where you can communicate with professors.

The Canvas app allows you to keep up with education and keep in touch with your instructors along with viewing course materials and deadlines on the go. The app also allows you to take exams or quizzes that are published online. There is also a mail section that allows you to communicate with your instructors, classmates, or groups that you are involved with. The ease of access in this app makes it one that you do not want to skip out on.