All-day bus pass fixes problems with misuse of transfer slips

Written by: 
Emmalee Smith

In order to increase ridership and solve problems with transfer slip abuse and fraud, TheBus will offer $5 all-day passes in place of transfer slips, according to KHON2. Effective Oct. 1, the pass can be used in a 27-hour period from 12 a.m. to 2:59 a.m. the next morning, said Norma, an associate at TheBus.

“The one-way pass is still available for $2.50, but there were too many issues with the transfers. So we came up with the new bus passes and the paper transfer tickets will no longer be included,” Norma added.

Roger Morton, Oahu Transit Services president and general manager, spoke to KHON2 and said, “Transfer slips have been the bane of our drivers for many, many years.

“We’ve been trying to get something like this going for years and years. This is really a win-win for everybody. We think it will build ridership more than it already is, particularly at off-peak times.”

Another reason the transfers were discontinued was because of issues of fraud and the misuse of transfer slips, according to Morton. The slips were meant only for transfers, but some were used to ride the bus again or back.

Morton told KHON2, "We know that we lose some amount of money just through the fraud and abuse and misuse of the existing transfers. The day pass should also help us to get a proper amount of revenue from all of our riders.”

Although the new all-day bus passes are advertised as making travel easier, some BYU-Hawaii students said they don’t think it’ll motivate them to take the bus more. Moises Orozco, a freshman studying biomedicine from Mexico, said the all-day pass is nice because you can go anywhere and not worry about transfer slips, but “if you just want to go one place, it’s a disadvantage because you have to pay more.”

However, some are happy with the change. Rebecca Rodrigues, a junior from Iowa studying marine biology, said, “I feel like it’s going to be more convenient. I’m glad they’re getting rid of the transfers, they were very pressured.”

BYUH’s discounted bus pass was also discontinued this semester, said Molly McKeon, a senior from Utah studying international cultural studies. “There just weren’t enough people that bought them.” McKeon said during the time she worked at the Aloha Center desk, only had a few people ask about the sign the student discounted passes.

The passes were for 6-month periods and cost $225, saving students and employees $75 compared to purchasing six $60 monthly passes.

To get the $5 pass, customers have to tell the driver they want an all-day pass before paying. The pass allows has unlimited amounts usage during the 27-hour period, reports KHON2.

Monthly passes are available for $60 at Foodland and 7-Eleven stores. Annual passes are available for $660 - the price of buying 11 monthly passes - at TheBus office in Kalihi Transit Center.

Date Published: 
Friday, October 20, 2017
Last Edited: 
Friday, October 20, 2017