Almost 1000 students attend Hale courtyard dance, deejay says pleasing all was difficult

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Patrick Campbell

An unexpected 900 students attended the Residential Life Opening Social and Dance, the first dance ever held in the outside courtyard between Hales 4 and 6, said Residential Advisor Estea Luea.

Luea, a sophomore from Tonga majoring in business management, said, "We were only expecting 300 students, so it turned out really well."

Originally the dance was meant to be a social gathering for the girls in the Hales, according to Luea. "We were thinking of an idea of bringing the girls together to have a fun time and we also told them they could bring friends," said Luea. 

Luea felt students enjoyed themselves even though there were a few complaints about waiting in line to get in and people getting turned away for not meeting Honor Code dress standards.

Several students who were invited came from off campus, according to Luea. She said the fact it was so close to the Hales also contributed to the increased attendance.

Khoon An, a sophomore from Korea majoring in hospitality management, was the deejay for the dance and said, "I think more people came because it's early in the semester, and people are trying to find things to do, so lots of freshman were there."

Kourtney Cole, a freshman from Colorado majoring in anthropology, said, "I really liked the vibe. The beginning was kind of slow but more people showed up and by the end it picked up."

Most of the students appeared to enjoy the music, but some songs seemed to be met with less enthusiasm, said Leilanie Coker, a freshman from California majoring in business management.

Coker said, "Some of the songs were hard to dance to, but most of them were really fun."

Cole added, "The only thing I would change would be to make it easier to make song requests. I didn't really know who to ask or where to go."

An said he played 20 requested songs, which were written on a white board for him, but he still had some people complain to him about the lack of variety in the music he played. "It's difficult to play music that everyone is happy with because we are at an international school."

The RA staff set up the dance. They rented lights and a sound system for An to use, but a light rain threatened to end the dance.

"I didn’t want to ruin the equipment, so we turned off the music real quick and moved it underneath the outside roof of the hale," said An.

As the students waited for the music to turn back on, they began singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin’" acapella.

An said, "Everyone was real helpful, helping me move my equipment when it started raining and no one complained about the music stopping. The crowd was great."

Residential Life provided refreshments, which included tacos, horchata, and a cinnamon crisp dessert.

Date Published: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017