Aloha Center and GCB great alternatives to the library for studying, say students

Written by: 
Zeek Cheng

If the library is getting too cold and noisy, BYU-Hawaii students suggest studying in the Aloha Center and GCB.


Raylene Leslie, a senior from Canada studying TESOL, said, “Just with the name of ‘library,’ you automatically think it’s a place for studying. It gets me motivated and gives me a mindset to stay focus.”


Leslie added, “There are lots of good resources including textbooks and laptops. You can even borrow a phone charger for both Android and Apple.”


Brandon Kamimoto, a senior from Mililani studying psychology, said, “When I need a quiet moment, I would find one of the corners upstairs [in the library].”


However, Nicole Zito, a senior from Kaawa studying art, said the library is her least favorite place to study in. “It’s cold and noisy. I don’t like being around loud people. Especially during finals.”


Leslie added, “At night, it gets so cold. There are only so many blankets you can carry.”


Kamimoto agreed and said sometimes the library’s temperature is not ideal. “The air conditioner is always in full blast, which is nice, but it gets cold after a few hours of being there.” He suggested the library staff create sleeping pods for students to nap in for 15 minutes.


JiaYu Liu, a junior from China study accounting, said, “I wish they could build more tables and chairs outside. It’s nice to be able to study outside, especially in Hawaii.”


Zito said the Aloha Center is a good place to study for students because it provides a relaxing environment. “It’s nice to be able to hang out with friends and do homework at the same time. I feel more relaxed in the Aloha Center.  There is more open space and it's very chill.”


Kamimoto added, “I tend to fall asleep at the library. The Aloha Center is nice because it’s close to the Seasider.”


Leslie suggested students try studying at the GCB. “The GCB is quiet for the most part. More importantly, it’s warm. There is also no pressure to be quiet. So when you see people, you know you can have a little bit of both social and studying at the same time.


“I like the library but it’s closed early on Fridays and Saturdays. And the computers at the GCB are much faster than the library’s. Also I like the microwave.”


Angel Tomas, a senior from Spain studying business, said the GCB could get noisy as it’s used as a hangout place. “Some hours are quiet but some hours could be loud because people have parties and potlucks. But once you get used to it, it’s fine. I would just put on my headphones and do my thing. It doesn’t bother me.”


Liu added, “I like that you can move around the tables and chairs. It gives you a different feeling.”

Date Published: 
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, November 28, 2017