Art Frame Gallery displays local photography at McKay Auditorium

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Bruno Maynez
Photos from local photographers on display at the McKay Auditorium.


A cool evening breeze swept through the brightly lit McKay Auditorium as clusters of people hovered at each part of the Art Frame Gallery. Along the walls were photographs of fiery sunsets, grand views of the ocean, and examples of engagement photos taken by photographers from the school and community.

One volunteer at the gallery, Tyler Christensen, an undeclared freshman from Utah, said the idea for a photo gallery came up for a group project in his marketing class. He said, “One of our group members, Li’a Gilbert, had the idea to do a photo gallery. We thought it would be kind of fun. Also, a group in the social entrepreneurship class had to throw an event too. They asked if they could set up on the side and use our gallery to get an audience.”

Katya Morales, a senior from Mexico studying business, led the social entrepreneur group. Her goal for the evening was to raise money to help kids in Mexico with bone marrow cancer. She said, “[Raising money] would help pay for the transplants and the treatment afterward. We are working with an association in Mexico called ‘Donadores Altruistas.’” She said she hoped the attendees of the Art Frame Gallery would lend their support.

Christensen said he and his group reached out to the community and the school. “We asked photographers if they wanted to showcase their work and told them we will get the prints for them. The school helped out with the funds for the prints. We had the photographers send in around 30 pictures, and as a group, we choose what we thought were the best 12 from each photographer.”

According to Christensen, the photographers were Rachel Berger, Harold Pedroso, and Jonah Williams. He said, “We had a group called Candid Studios. Three people work together and a guy named Louie Lumogdang.”

Representing Candid Studios, Louie Lumogdang, a junior from the Philippines majoring in supply chain management, said, “I love photography. I got into it because I love nature, and I want to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. I often times overlook the blessings of God.

“For me, I stop thinking about random things and live in the moment through photography. Nature reminds me there is a divine creator and everything has a purpose. I’m hoping my photography can reach out to those who are depressed and [help them] feel the love of our creator through seeing the beauty of nature. Perhaps they can find their purpose.”

Some of Lumogdang’s work was on display and attendees had a chance to meet and talk with him about his work.

Another member of Candid Studios, Christian Salenga, a senior from the Philippines studying human resources, was also present at the event. He said he loves taking photos of the beauty of Hawaii.

He said, “When I first arrived here, I really appreciated the awesome views. Whenever we hike, go to the beach, or simply go anywhere else here, I try to take a photo of these gorgeous places.

“I challenged myself to learn photography, especially videography. At first, I wanted to give up, but with the help of my friend Shazer, I started loving photography. Shazer became my mentor and until now, he’s helping me reach my potential.”

Voicing his thoughts on the Art Frame Gallery, Salenga said, “The idea of putting all pictures that different photographers captured and edited is great. Not just that, but also advertising it to each students and to the community. By doing that, these people who attended the exhibit will have an idea who to book for their events.”


Date Published: 
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, December 12, 2018