Athletics Department holds tailgate to promote future basketball games

Written by: 
Stephanie Soto

Students gathered in front of the Canon Activities Center to eat, play games, and have their faces painted in preparation for the volleyball match on Oct. 14 against the rival team, Dixie State University. The tailgate was hosted by the Athletics Department, and members of the men’s and women’s basketball team served hot dogs to students.

Jessica Horrocks, a senior from Idaho studying exercise science, said the Athletics Department hosted the tailgate to support the women’s volleyball match and to introduce the basketball season during Midnight Madness.

“We are trying to get people here, trying to get them pumped up and just trying to unify the school for athletics,” said Horrocks. She said they want to implement the tagline “Sider Legend.”

Pohai Miyamoto, a freshman from Maui studying business, said, “Overall, it was pretty fun. There is a lot of school pride and spirit.” She exclaimed, “Go Seasiders!”

Miyamoto also said she enjoyed this tailgate because there was no alcohol. She said “meeting new people and getting your face painted.”

Raichelle Ae, a freshman from Maui studying exercise science, said, “I think it’s so much fun. There are a lot of people I have not seen before, so it’s a good opportunity to make conversation and make new friends over school spirit.”

“There were so many cute guys,” Ae also said. “If you didn’t come then you were totally missing out and should definitely come to the next one.”

Brittney Prince, a freshman from Dubai studying history, said, “I liked the music and the face paint, but I wish they had more food because I’m not a fan of hotdogs.”

Prince said she came to support her friends who play basketball. Prince said she, like most of the other students, was excited to watch the game against Dixie.

Taryn Skahill, a senior from Texas studying TESOL who plays on the women’s basketball team, said, “I think it’s awesome that people came out to support the volleyball team and to just rally around athletics for the last year.”

Skahill said students should expect to see more events in the future to support the athletics, which she said is the best part of it all. 

Date Published: 
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, October 18, 2016