Ballroom student association provides lessons to new and experienced dancers

Written by: 
Stephanie Soto

Students learned the art of swing and the foxtrot at the Ballroom Dance Student Association’s opening social in the GCB on Aug. 17.

Tiffany Greer, a junior from Virginia majoring in elementary education and president of the Ballroom Dance Association, said she has wanted to start the club since her beginnings at BYU-Hawaii and finally had the chance this semester. The association currently has around 65 members made up of a fairly equal balance of girls and boys, according to Greer.

Greer said she hopes “people will be able to learn the skill and dance and that [members] will be able to take this and use it throughout their lives.” She said she started ballroom dancing at the age of 16 and has loved it ever since.

Julia Anderson, a senior in intercultural peacebuilding from Utah and one of the vice presidents of the association, said she joined the presidency to support Greer. “I figured through helping with the club, I could come to a lot of the activities and learn how to dance,” Anderson said. “I feel that will be a great motivator to help people who aren’t quite comfortable with their dancing skills to also want to come and learn.”

Attendees at the opening social varied in skill level according to those who were interviewed, but everyone enjoyed the event while getting to meet new people.

Isaac Nicholes, a junior studying biology from Virginia, and his wife Melannie, a senior in communications from California, have been ballroom dancing for a year and a half. “[Ballroom dancing] helps your body to get exercise and helps you with your balance and flexibility,” said Melannie. She said she believes this aspect of dancing is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle.

Blake Walker, a freshmen studying business management from Utah, said he didn’t know how to dance before this event. He said henow feels more confident about dancing and said he will be coming back to other events. Walker said he encourages others to come out and dance as well.

Date Published: 
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Last Edited: 
Wednesday, September 7, 2016