Basketball takes a win against Holy Names

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Patrick Campbell
Both the men's and women's Seasider basketball teams won their home games against the Holy Names University Hawks teams on Saturday, Jan. 21. The women's team won 54-51 and the men's  won 84-78.
The women’s teams had an even first two quarters, ending the first half of the game at 29-29. The Lady Seasiders upped their game at the beginning of the third quarter, scoring nine points before the Hawks could score one. Then the Hawks came back with four points, bringing the score to 38-33. While the Hawks sought to push back, the Seasiders’ defense remained strong and ended the third quarter with 47-37, Seasiders leading.
The Hawks came back in the last quarter with a strong game, almost catching up with a score of 45-50. After several minutes of dribbling the ball up and down the court with no score, Lady Seasider Maria Sheikh broke the silence with a two-point shot. The Hawks didn’t give up and brought their score up eight points while the Seasiders brought their score up two to set the score at 54-53. With 11.8 seconds left in the game, a foul led to the Hawks’ possession of the ball. Nonetheless, the Lady Seasiders played defensive preventing the Hawks from scoring, ending the game with the Seasiders only one point ahead.
Head Coach Craig Stranger said the victory was hard fought and displayed the Seasiders “ability to overcome several big runs by Holy Names.” He said, “We got some great contributions from Taryn and Maia [Watene] and Kristin really anchored our defensive effort with rebounds and altering many shots. I was pleased with our rebounding effort the past two games, and the offensive boards we grabbed tonight proved to be essential in the victory.”
Safia Sheikh, a junior from Denmark studying psychology playing as the shooting guard, said the game was a “great win.” She said, “We had a dip in the fourth quarter where we didn’t play very well, but we worked hard to pick ourselves up. We were lucky that we were able to execute in the last few seconds of the game to get away with a win.”
The men’s game was not as close. The men began the first half with a big lead of 22-8 within the first 10 minutes. The Hawks scored nine points in the next six minutes, all while preventing the Seasiders from scoring. At the five-minute mark, guard Shad Watson scored a three pointer.
The last five minutes of the half resulted in almost double the team’s scores. Hawks continued to bring up their score more significantly than the Seasiders. At the last minute mark, the Seasiders were still in the lead with a 38-32. The BYUH men’s team shot two three-pointers but missed, while the Hawks scored one point, ending the first half with a 38-33.
The Kahuku Band drum line performed four numbers during the halftime show after the BYUH Dance Team performed one of their routines. The crowd screamed, specifically on the community side, to cheer for the drum line as they marched in. The group lined up with the two crash cymbals, snare drums, and tenor drums in front and the four bass drums in back. Bass drummer Seth Reid moved his hips left to right in time with the beat. Community member Harold Palimo‘o stood up and danced as the group played.
During the last number, the bass drummers and one crash cymbal player circled around the rest of the group and circulated while playing. The crowd cheered at the song’s end, and the band played an encore as they marched off the court.
The Seasiders came back at the second half strong, bringing the score 47-42 around the 16:30 mark. The Hawks were never able to catch up to the Seasiders, but they followed close behind. With the score at 81-76 at the one-minute mark, both teams fouled each other several times and called for timeouts; the Seasiders were fouled twice within the last 10 seconds. After both foul shots, the game ended with a Seasider win at 84-78.
David Kammerer, a retired professor of music who came to watch the game, said Holy Names “kept coming at [the Seasiders] with fresh legs and that’s what wore them down. [The Hawks] made a valiant effort to keep the game close until the very end.”
Kammerer said “As I understand it, some of Coach Wagner’s top recruits transferred after the announcement was made, so this year’s squad probably has less depth than other teams in the league.”
After the Pep Band played the university fight song and the Spaniels’ “Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite,” the Kahuku Band Drumline sent the crowd off while playing in the student section stands.
Date Published: 
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017