Beauty bloggers and enthusiasts unsure how long wavy eyebrow trend will last

Written by: 
Hannah Jones

BYU-Hawaii students and fashion bloggers have mixed opinions on the wavy eyebrow trend that has been “taking over runways” according to Bustle and how long they think the trend will last.


Monica Goodell, a freshman exercise and sports science major from Utah, said, “I’m not sure where or how the trend started, but I have noticed it has become very popular among a lot of people.”


The trend is reaching every corner of the beauty industry as bloggers and enthusiasts slowly involve themselves and begin to try the new trend to catch viewers’ attention, says Jaylynn Schroderin in her fashion blog The Red Closet Diary, which attracts around 29,000 visitors per month.


Tutorials have been made in order to help fans of the new trend create their very own wavy brow. Schroder says, “The beauty industry is always coming out with new crazy trends. Even if they are viewed as weird, it always creates hype. It creates retweets, shares on Facebook, and lots of chatter, which is great for the beauty industry.”


She adds, “Anything that stands out and is talkworthy like this, it’s going to start trending. I have seen mostly negative comments regarding this trend, but the more negative, the more it trends!”


Huffington Post Trends Reporter Doha Madani writes, “Squiggle brows are the newest trend in the makeup world. Some people are really opposed to them.”


Sydneysierra Naioti, a freshman majoring in psychology from California, said, “I’m hoping it’s just a phase, but then again I thought the ‘catch me outside, how about that’ girl was just a phase, and now she’s rich and famous.”


Schroder says the eyebrow trend is “definitely just a phase” because usually a long-lasting beauty trend is one “that all ages can participate in, such as micro-bladed brows or ombre hair,” and the “wavy brow is common when compared to other beauty ideas that are talked about for a while and then disappear.


The wavy brow has been used by runway models like Karli Kloss in Paris Fashion Week, on beauty magazines, and on blogs and makeup tutorials. According to 95.5 WIFC beauty blogger Nikki Montgomery, although this may be a brief beauty that looks like “the feather brow and the barbed brow that were crazy earlier this year,” the best answer is to wait and see whether or not this trend lasts.

Date Published: 
Thursday, November 2, 2017
Last Edited: 
Thursday, November 2, 2017