Black Light Night allows students to get into the Halloween spirit and take a break from studies

Written by: 
Noah Shoaf


BYU–Hawaii students bowled, sang karaoke, and played video games without any cost during the Black Light Night hosted by the HUB on Oct. 30. The Black Light Night part of the party came into play through face painting. Attendees had the opportunity to get their faces painted with glow in the dark paint which stood out against the black lights.

Lachlan Hall, a sophomore majoring in political science from Texas, shared why he came to the event. “I was just walking around at 8 p.m. on Monday, nothing really to do, and I saw a poster for this event. So I thought I should check it out because I have never heard of this concept before.”

Hall said he was pleasantly surprised with the party and he thinks the university should put on more of these types of events.

“Since it is not so packed, it is more relaxing compared to some of the dances where I can’t even hear myself think. The school should put on more smaller parties rather than big blockbusters.”

Daisy-Lynn Salomon, a freshman from Micronesia studying psychology, said the game night at the HUB was a unique way to celebrate Halloween, and she was happy she heard about the event.

“I came yesterday to the HUB because I had a FHE here and I liked it. So when I heard it was happening again, I wanted to come."

According to Saloman, Halloween usually means staying home and watching scary movies, but this year she did something different by coming to the game night.

“I think more people should come to the HUB. School itself is a lot of stress, and having fun is a great way to get rid of stress.”

Braden Wood, a senior majoring in anthropology from Utah, is an employee at the HUB. He explained how the purpose of the Black Light Night was to give people a stress-free night of fun.

He said everyone should come out to the events the HUB hosts because it is a way to meet people and there are many activities to do for free.

Margaux Siason, a senior from the Philippines majoring in accounting, said she also thinks the HUB is a way to meet people. She came to the Black Light Night because her friend told her there would be free games and face painting.

“Everytime there are free nights, I always come here with my friends. I love doing karaoke and bowling. The atmosphere inside the HUB is nice, and it is also a way to relieve stress.”

Sarah Te’o, a freshman from Texas majoring in biology, said the Black Light Night differed from her usual Halloween tradition of having a movie marathon with her sister, but she said she did not mind because she was surrounded by her friends.

“I’ve been listening to music and playing table tennis. I am having a good time. If you have a good attitude, anything is fun.”


Date Published: 
Monday, November 12, 2018
Last Edited: 
Monday, November 12, 2018