Book of Mormon characters inspire students

Written by: 
Rebecca Sabalones ~ Multimedia Journalist

BYU-Hawaii students explained who their favorite characters from the Book of Mormon are. They said the characters have inspired them throughout their lives.

“My favorite is Ammon because he’s bold and he’s a good example of a missionary.” Katie Naea, senior in sociology from American Samoa

“Captain Moroni and that’s because in the scriptures he’s described as that if every person were like Captain Moroni, the very foundation of hell would be destroyed, crack, crumble. We see Alma the Younger--who did this total turn around. King Benjamin and Mosiah were these great prophets. None of them were described in the same way as Captain Moroni. To me, this makes him a near Christ-like figure, and one of the most righteous people in the Book of Mormon. One of the things that really counts towards is he is in war, and he’s going to have to kill people and destroy others. Even Nephi had a problem with that, but [Captain Moroni] is so righteous. We know he doesn’t delight in the shedding of blood and that he only fights to defend himself.” Seth Wayne, junior in biology from Arizona

“King Benjamin is my favorite Book of Mormon character because he demonstrated a true leader works alongside the people.” Yury Zavala, senior in psychology from Alabama

“My favorite character in the Book of Mormon is Captain Moroni. One of the scripture verses says all the things he does is because of the glory of God and also because of the freedom of his people. He always does things for other people instead of thinking of himself. He’s so smart, and he knows how to fight, and he knows the gospel very well. That’s why I like him.” Rocky Woo, sophomore in oil painting from Hong Kong

“My favorite Book of Mormon person is Ammon. He didn’t go out and outrightly tell the people about the church and tell the people what they should do. But he showed it rather, and he converted the king of the people.” Melissa Merrill, senior in anthropology from Utah

“My favorite Book of Mormon character is probably Alma the Younger because I love his story of repentance. It shows that no matter how far you might fall, you can always get back up.” Tenika Ray, sophomore in communications from Utah