BYU–Hawaii’s University Chorale performs and brings Christmas spirit

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Mackenzie Beaver
The BYU–Hawaii University Chorale performs on Dec. 4 in the McKay Auditorium.


Despite the warm weather and lack of snow, the Christmas spirit was still felt at BYU–Hawaii on Dec. 4, as the University Chorale held their fall semester concert themed, “Christmas is Coming.” The spirit was felt in the McKay Auditorium as the birth of Christ was celebrated through song.

The University Chorale is a non-audition choir at BYUH, and any student is welcome to join. It teaches students singing techniques as well as choral ensemble. Every semester the University Chorale performs at devotionals on campus and holds a concert at the end of the semester.

Lau Gatoloai, a senior from New Zealand majoring in graphic design, said, “Tonight was definitely something that embodied the spirit of Christmas. It was a great way to come and enjoy the holiday season and really celebrate.”

Gatoloai explained how this Christmas choir concert was the first time he has really felt the Christmas spirit since the last holiday season. In the midst of not being home and the Hawaii heat, he said it has not felt like it was officially the holiday season until now.

The University Chorale performed a total of twelve Christmas songs at this semester’s closing concert, truly bringing Christmas joy for the audience to enjoy.

Abigail Freeman, a freshman from Virginia studying exercise and sport science, attended the show as well. Freeman came to the University Chorale as part of her project for her music class. Aside from going for the grade, she said she enjoys music and concerts. “I came tonight because I feel that it is important and good for us to support the arts here on campus. This was an end of the semester event, and it is nice to see what people have been working on throughout the year.” Freeman concluded by saying if she was in the music and arts department, she would want people to come support her.

Kaylee Heck, a freshman from Alaska majoring in elementary education, said, “I attended the University Chorale because I really just love Christmas music. I’m from Alaska, so this is my first Christmas without the snow being on the ground. I have been trying to find other things that make it feel like it is Christmas.”

Heck explained her roommate was also a part of the University Chorale so she heard about the event through her. “I thought that it would be a good chance to listen to Christmas music as well as support my roommate. I’m glad I went.”

The University Chorale practices frequently throughout the semester, especially in preparation for the end of the semester performance.


Date Published: 
Monday, December 10, 2018
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Monday, December 10, 2018