BYU Cougars fans at BYUH say team's poor performance due to recruiting issues

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Patrick Campbell

BYU-Hawaii students said the BYU Cougars’ football team’s current seven-game losing streak is due to a lack of focus and talent.

Kalin Uluave, a senior from Utah majoring in supply chain, said he believes the problem is that a lack of athletes is making the team slower and less able to compete with top programs.

"I think they're having a hard time with recruits [because of the losing]," said Uluave. "A few weeks ago, they had 3 recruits switch their commitment from BYU to the University of Utah."

According to St George News, BYU Head Coach Kalani Sitake said, "We had some good moments and we had some positive yards but the scoreboard doesn’t indicate a lot of the positive things we saw."

Sitake said the team’s stagnant offense is "the million dollar question right now, and it is my job to figure it out. It looked like we had a little bit of a roll towards the end there in the passing game. Between myself and the coaches, it’s on us. The players are giving us solid effort and it has been like that all year. This one is on us coaches and we need to find a way keep working and find consistency.”

The Cougars have faced a tough schedule this season against Wisconsin, ranked fifth in the nation, and LSU and Mississippi State both receiving votes for the AP Top 25, according to

Siasosi Otuafi, a sophomore from Tonga majoring in graphic design, said, "When I want to do something good I do good because I have a bigger reason. BYU looks like they have the talent. It looks like these other teams are more focused."

Otuafi said he recently started watching football after moving from Tonga. He feels BYU will be able to learn from the season.

Daniel Lewis, a senior from Washington majoring in finance, said, "It's been rough for all of us fans.

"They have the 16th most difficult schedule in the whole nation so it makes sense why they've lost. But now they are going to be going against easier competition so maybe they can get out with a few more wins."

On Oct. 21, BYU lost to the East Carolina Pirates 17-33. Before the game started, Uluave said, "East Carolina has the worst defense in NCAA. BYU has one of the worst offenses so it’s going to be interesting."

After the game, he said, “BYU’s defensive line looked good and hopeful for next year, and they’ll win out and still make a bowl game.”

Uluave said the effects of this season may be felt long after. He said if the recruits who are leaving is "indicative of the next five years, BYU could be in for a long one."

Lewis said it's sad to see the program do so poorly after national pundits were saying BYU could be a must-watch team this season.

Uluave concluded, ""It's a lost season, but I didn’t miss a home game for 15 years. I’m really bought in. I still support them…you try and find the good in it for the next year. We have some good players. Hopefully their quarterbacks figure it out."

Date Published: 
Thursday, October 26, 2017
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Thursday, October 26, 2017