BYU-Hawaii offers a non-credit course to learn Italian

Written by: 
Ethan Toledo~Multimedia Journalist

BYU-Hawaii Educational Outreach program is offering a non-credit Italian course to allow students and community members to know more about another culture through language.

Norman Black, who lived in Italy for five years and taught English at an Italian university, teaches the class. “We’re going to cover some basics of the Italian language . . . Some of the structure of sentences, how they differ from English; those types of things. But then, we’re also going to move in to some conversational Italian so that somebody could actually carry on a conversation.”

Over the course of six weeks, it will be tough to have complete mastery over a new language, but this class will serve as a good introduction.

“The class is very comfortable, and the instructor, Brother Black, is very knowledgeable of the language, of the culture,” said Kent Kaahanui, a BYUH alumnus, who had previously taken a real estate course through Outreach. “Instead of just going over things like nouns and sentence structure, Black is able to bring a “sense of life to the class, because of his experience.”

The students and community members taking the course all have their various reasons for wanting to learn this new language. “I just happen to have an uncle who’s Italian, and nobody in the family, which is predominantly Hawaiian, can speak to him,” said Kaahanui.

The Educational Outreach program offers many non-credit classes to student and non-student alike. “Learning is always an ongoing thing, but sometimes you don’t want to go back to the traditional way of registering for a university course,” said Kaahanui. “So by having this Outreach program, I’m able to take classes at this school and not be so stressed out about it.”

It says on the Outreach website, “Community-enrichment programs consist of non-credit classes such as piano, swimming, water polo, Zumba, yoga, photography, fashion design, watercolor painting, and many more.”

Classes for the non-credit Italian course will be on Tuesdays, from Feb. 5 to March 12 and all are welcome to come.

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