BYU-Hawaii students give different viewpoints on PDA

Written by: 
Megan Tiritilli~Multimedia Journalist
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Thoughts of what are and aren’t acceptable public displays of affection varies from person to person on the BYU-Hawaii campus.

Public displays of affection are not bad in of itself, but for student Daniel Lawler, a senior in exercise sports science from Utah, PDA can go too far. “The problem isn’t that I don’t like seeing a couple happy and in love. I actually love seeing people happy in love. But I don’t need to see them all over each other all the time. There is just no need for that. They should be able to show they love each other without having to be kissing all the time.”

Todd Everette, a senior in finance from Massachusetts, disagreed. “PDA is the only real way to show someone you love them,” he said. Public displays of affection are just that. They show others how much someone likes the other person. But PDA goes from good to bad, when simple displays of affection turn into overbearing demonstrations of love, he said.

Brooke Butler, a sophomore majoring in social work from California, said, “I’ve always found PDA kind of gross. Hugging, holding hands, those are great. But other than that, keep it between the two of you. It’s more special when it’s not on display. Keep it classy.”

Being mindful and respectful of those around you when publicly displaying your affection allows everyone to feel good, even the people not in the relationship. Josh Riboldi, a junior in marketing from Utah, said, “PDA is fine if you can tell that two people sincerely like each other and are sharing a nice moment.”

Sariah Anderson, a freshman majoring in social work from upstate New York, said, “I think that affection is something really personal that you share with someone you care about. Showing it publicly in front of everyone is like sharing a private secret with the world. It makes you so much closer to that person you care about if you keep your closeness between you and them.”