BYU-Hawaii students say distance doesn't get in the way of their Mother's Day traditions

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Vic Zhong Mongan

Though far from home, students shared how they plan to be serious about what they give and how they give to their own mothers. Those who were interviewed shared what they prepared ahead of time for Mother’s Day and how they express their appreciation by giving gifts or simply telling their mothers “I love you.”


In order to show love to her own mother on Mother’s Day, Pui Hang Yau, a sophomore from Hong Kong majoring in TESOL, said, “This coming Mother’s Day I am going to say ‘I love you’ to my mom.”  


While observing her American unit mates’ relationships with their own mothers, Yau expressed, “I have been moved by the American culture that I should frequently show love to my mom. I admire the relationship my American unit mates share with their mothers. They are like friends and talk to each other often on the phone.”


Yau also commented on how she saw a difference in her relationship with her mother being away from home. “The mother-daughter relationship has become even more valuable to me, I definitely cherish it more.”


Ana Carolina Koga Carone, an alumna from Brazil, said, “I bought this [book] at Barnes and Noble. It is called “Letters to My Mom,” and there are 12 letters inside a notebook. I will write in all those 12 letters, one for each month of the year to thank her for who [my mother is] and share my messages.”


Carone said she recently started attending the University of Hawaii after she graduated from BYUH, and said this year is going to be her eighth year celebrating Mother’s Day away from her mom.


Beiarung Taungea, a sophomore from Kiribati majoring in accounting, said, “I will post pictures on her [Facebook] and show her how much I love and miss her. I will also send her money, just like what I did back home [on Mother’s Day].”


Timeri Lee Chip Sao, a sophomore from Tahiti majoring in mathematics, said, “Me and my siblings would prepare things like poems, drawings, or flowers for our mom on Mother’s Day back home. We usually wouldn’t buy things, but rather we created. My mom would always pretend those were really cool gifts from us, and she’s always happy to have whatever we give her.


“Since we are far away, we will probably Skype each other. Also, my brother, who is also a student here, plays guitar, we might record a video and send it to our mom.”


Jian Shuang Zhang, a sophomore from China majoring in social work, shared how besides recognizing her own mother during the holiday, she believes there are so many other women who also deserve her appreciation and love. “I also want to show my love to my Young Women’s president, who is like a mom to me, and to the senior sister missionaries who are here.”

Date Published: 
Sunday, May 13, 2018
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Sunday, May 13, 2018