BYU-Hawaii welcomes new students with open arms

Written by: 
Austin Meldrum~Multimedia Journalist

As the new semester begins at BYU-Hawaii, a variety of events from tours to talent shows help students adjust to life as a Seasider. The weeklong frenzy of instruction and activities oriented the newcomers before the beginning of summer term.

“I had no idea that [BYUH] had so much to offer,” Amy Wilson, a freshman from California, said about the diversity of clubs and services presented at the new student orientation. “I was nervous about getting involved. I mean, I wanted to, but I wasn’t sure where or how to start.” She plans to get involved with the culture clubs on campus, specifically the Hawaiian Club.

New student orientation offered students a sample of the various clubs, jobs, and services found at BYUH, while providing them with all the necessary information to help the new students get settled. At one booth, representatives from the Mail Center assisted students in signing up for their own mailboxes on campus. Other booths advertised campus facilities like the Game Center and the Bookstore. BYUHSA and the Career Center also had information booths.

Tabitha Leiataua, an employee in the Mail Center, commented, “Orientation is the perfect time to help the students start their college experiences the right way by getting mail boxes. Now they have a place to send all of the stuff they purchase online.” Leiataua explained how it is best to be organized from the start. “I remember when I was a new student. I was nervous and confused but going to orientation helped me feel a little more comfortable.”

During orientation week, other activities like the ‘Circle Island Tour’ gave new students a brief introduction to the island of Oahu. The tour stopped at Walmart, Pearl Harbor, and other destinations providing a glimpse of the island that some students wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

Orientation week capped off the week’s festivities with a chance for students to make friends and show off their skills while performing at the talent show.