BYUH gamers put studies before games

Written by: 
Zeek Cheng

Gaming can be seen as addictive and a distraction from school and social life, but BYU-Hawaii gamers said when time and priorities are managed well, the hobby is a good stress reliever.

Jordan Donaldson, a junior from Arizona studying communications, said he does not see gaming as addictive. “Everything can be an addiction depending on how you use it.  It’s okay as long as it is being used in moderation.”

Mark Eyo, a sophomore from the Philippines studying TESOL and political science, said, “If gaming makes you procrastinate your school work, that can become a problem. But it never happened to me, gaming is like a reward for me after working hard. Work and school together can be stressful, you’ve got to find something to relax.”

As a child, Donaldson said he had always enjoyed gaming. “Growing up, my parents only let me play games on the weekends. It became something I looked forward to every week. It helped me escape the duties of life. It’s refreshing after working hard.”

Donaldson stressed the importance of managing time as a gamer. He said planning has helped him excel in school. “In my planning, I decide when I want to have my assignments done by. Because of that, I always turn in assignments on time and get good grades. I don’t play when it comes to papers, midterms, and finals."

Chantal Pack, a sophomore from Utah studying information technology, emphasized the importance of prioritizing school over gaming. “I don’t let myself play games or hang out with friends unless I get my homework done. I write a lot of stuff on my planner. I have a to-do list each day.”

In her experience, Pack said gaming can bring people together. “I made a lot of friends in the Gamers Club since we share the similar hobby. And ‘Smash Brothers,’ a multiplayer video game we play every Friday, has brought us together.”

Eyo added, “My roommate and I become closer because we play games together.” He also said another benefit of gaming is it has helped him think critically because of the strategy and techniques required in most games.

Pack and Donaldson each said winning in games is very satisfying. Donaldson said, “I often play with my brother online, and beating the game is very satisfying as I overcome the challenges.” Pack added, “I love the storyline in games and how every game has its own world. Beating another player in gaming is very satisfying.”

For those struggling with managing their time due to gaming, Donaldson shared his method. “I do my best to finish the assignment before the weekend. Then weekends will be all gaming.  I don’t play unless I can finish everything on time. If I get things done early, then I will play a little on weekdays.”

Date Published: 
Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Last Edited: 
Tuesday, January 2, 2018